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Math and stats as a field are very vast and whenever someone starts studying data science or machine learning the confusion is "how much math or statistics should I learn?" In this playlist, I will cover only essential topics that can help you in your data science or ML journey.



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Although the topics you have covered, are to the points and quite informative sir, it would be more beneficial it you include many other concepts where statistics become important in ML/DL projects.
For instance there needs more discussion on type of distribution - Normal, Poisson, CDF, PDF, PPF etc and many more.
Every good lectures...thankyou
Explanations are awesome as always. I had also watched the DSA course in Youtube channel.
In the Mathematics and Statistics course, looking forward for more content at one place. They must be on other course but would be better if all Maths, Stats, Probability are in one course here.
I must say going through teachings from Dhaval, it clarifies the concept really well and something which I can also explain to the next person.